Planned Bengal Breedings at Rising Sun Farm

Our quality bred kittens have champion pedigrees and proven genetics.They have strong head type with beautiful facial features and bold markings.Rising Sun Bengals excel in show competitions around the world and make excellent family pets. Rising Sun has several Bengal litters with excellent genetics due soon.

We also have several top quality kittens for sale from recent litters.Visit our kitten page for more information!

Macho Man & Aspen~

  • Born: April 12 – 2019

Tec Spot Macho Man Of Rising Sun

Rising Sun Aspen

Planned Breeding #2
Rain and Devine ~
  • Due: February -2019

Oasis Gold Rain of Rising Sun

Rising Sun Devine

Planned Breeding #3
Rain and River ~
  • Born: February -2019

Oasis Gold Rain Of Rising Sun

Rising Sun River

Planned Breeding #4
Rain and Neon ~
  • Due: March -2019

Oasis Gold Rain Of Rising Sun

Rising Sun Neon

Planned Breeding #5
Rain and Pretty Woman ~
  • Due: Born February 24-2019

Oasis Gold Rain Of Rising Sun

Rising Sun Pretty Woman

Planned Breeding #6
Kraemer And Farrah Fawcett ~
  • Due : March 2019

Rising Sun Kraemer

Rising Sun Farrah Fawcett

Planned Breeding #7
Rain and Maddie ~
  • Due : April -2019

Tec Spot Macho Of Rising Sun

Rising Sun Maddie

Contact us for more information about future litters.