Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale at Rising Sun Farm

Rising Sun Farm is recognized for producing some of the finest examples of the Australian Shepherd Puppy. Our dogs come from champion bloodlines and excel in every venue. We have some of the finest working blood in the country and breed selectively for working ability,structure and temperament. Our dogs are hard working, accomplished in competition, and can make wonderful companions as well.

WE HAVE AN OUTSTANDING BLACK BI FEMALE AVAILABLE ~ BY REX’S DARYL DIXON OF RISING SUN & RISING SUN GERLDINE ~ “Boogie” is animated affectionate and full of herself. She is very athletic & Agile. She is a natural effortless jumper. Boogie is very charismatic… in fact, she loves to have a full conversation with you.

BORN: February 27-2021 | ~ Seven Beautiful Puppies~ A wonderful blend of talented working dogs. Top notch working genetics on both sides of the pedigree. We have a Black and white female AVAILABLE ~ Preference given to working/performance homes. Sire and dam pictured below along with puppy photos.

  • OFA Good
  • DNA-CEA/CH Normal
  • Red/Merle
Rising Sun Gerldine DNA-VP
  • OFA Excellent
  • DNA-CEA/CH Carrier
  • Black Tri
Australian Shepherd Puppy
Puppy Australian Shepherds For Sale
Australian Shepherd Puppy

Puppy Australian Shepherds For Sale ~ Purchasing a Rising Sun Puppy ~ Each Puppy Comes With A Minnesota Board Of Animal Health Certificate

Breeding is expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. Further, we have invested in quality genetics and built our line around champion genetics and supremely talent working dogs. The Rising Sun brand is well respected and highly sought after around the world. We have an extensive library of frozen semen from champion dogs and genetics. We spare no expense in providing the very best for our dogs and their puppies. We provide hip and eye certifications for the sire and dam, all vaccinations, wormers, top quality puppy food, puppy eye certification, optigen eye testing, veterinary care, registrations, and much more. All of our puppies are raised in our home and have ample room to train and play on our farm. They receive lots of human interaction and exposure to livestock while at Rising Sun. If a puppy is shipped by air, There are additional expenses involved. A health certificate, shipping crate, bedding, water cups and round trip to the clinic and airport. Delta cargo shipping prices depend on the size and weight of the crate with the puppy. The minimum requirement for one of our puppies is a secure fenced in area for the puppy. Puppy Australian Shepherds are sight, sound and smell sensitive. They will want to chase and herd anything that moves and catches their eye.

Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale:-

Owning and Puppy Australian Shepherd is not for everyone. They were developed first and foremost as a working breed. They instinctually herd people and objects, sometimes nipping at heels and trying to prevent motion. Aussies can be loving family pets, but they are also very protective of their territory and family members. Socialization, genetics, and training determine the extent of this trait. Puppy Australian Shepherds For Sale are among the most intelligent dog breeds and can pose a challenge for novice pet owners. Obedience training is a must as they can become willful at times. They require strenuous physical exercise on a regular basis and need a considerable amount of mental stimulation or they will become bored and can become destructive and disruptive. However, with proper training, adequate space, and committed owners, Australian Shepherds make wonderful companions. They are fun-loving, active, and playful. Aussies are loving and devoted family pets that can be great with children. Owning an Australian Shepherd Puppy is an enriching experience! The purchase price of a Rising Sun Australian Shepherd Puppy in includes a basic contract with a health guarantee, all vaccinations, worming, eye exam, and registrations. To know more about our Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale, contact us today.

  • Top quality pet: $500
  • Exports: $500
  • All deposits are non-refundable

Australian Shepherd Puppies Prices
  • Black/white puppies: $1,300
  • Red/white puppies: $1,400
  • Merle puppies: -$1,500 ~ Merle puppies with Blue eyes $1600
Australian Shepherd Puppies Exports
  • All export puppies:$1,800
Artificial Inseminations
  • Trans-cervical and Surgical: $1,800 – $2,000

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