Border Collies at Rising Sun Farm

Rising Sun Border Collies are world class dogs that have gained international recognition for their performance in competition, in the field, and in homes across the globe. Bred for intelligence and their natural ability to work livestock, our Border Collies are intense with strong drive on cattle, but can also be affectionate and loving companions.

Our dogs come from championship lines and have excellent genetics that include many top International World and Supreme Champions. Each of our Border collie puppies receives lots of human interaction and socialization. Puppies are vaccinated and wormed before they are sent off to their new homes.Rising Sun Farm Border Collies are DNA tested and come with a health guarantee.

Quality Herding Abilities

Rising Sun Border Collies are bred first and foremost for their herding ability, which could make them unsuitable as ordinary household pets. Border Collies are highly intelligent and require a considerable amount of rigorous physical activity. Additionally, the intense desire to herd has been bred into the breed for hundreds of years, and even socialized household pets will exhibit this trait on occasion, nipping at heels while attempting to herd people and objects together and exhibiting a desire to stop motion.

Their intelligence and desire to work makes them a challenge for novice pet owners. Without adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation, they can develop neurotic behaviors, chewing holes in walls and furniture, digging, and barking or howling. We offer help to all of our puppy owners in ways to make their experience successful in making their puppy a happy family member.

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