Bengal Kings at Rising Sun Farm

Our kings are athletic, energetic, inquisitive, and have wonderful, fun-loving personalities.They have strong heads and facial features with vivid coloration, distinct markings, and championship genetics.


This Outstanding boy has large unique rosetts on a light cream background. He has a wonderful expression with puffy whisker pads,amazing color and whited tummy. He is a son out of our Tweet by Macho. He has the most wonderful temperament and personality… He is simply Marvelous. Pictured at six months old.


This Amazing boy came to us from Poland. Chile has amazing contrast and pattern. He has tiny ears, puffy whisker pads and whited tummy. He will cross wonderfully with our amazing queens. Many thanks to Karoline Jahn for sending us this “Special” boy. Pictured at six months old.

  • Born 09-22-2018
  • PRA NK, PK NN C/cb
Oasis Gold Rain of Rising Sun

This Lovely boy is wonderful in every way. Rain has deep rich color with a beautiful pattern. He has wonderful head type with a big personality. Rain is already making his paw prints with our girls. He goes back to some of our foundation cats at Rising Sun. MANY thanks to our Friends at Oasis Bengals for this Out Standing Kitten.

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CoolCatHouse Flame Of Rising Sun

This Supper Lovely boy is a stunning brown spotted cat with large open rosetted pattern on a light cream back ground. Flame is a big kitten with lovely head type. He has a wonderful out going personality. We are excited at what this King has to offer with our wonderful queens. Many thanks to Chunying Liu Bengals for this wonderful Boy.

Rising Sun Jerry Lee

Our Jerry is a home grown kitten with Huge Pancake Rosettes on a light cream back ground. He has a lovely head type with puffy whisker pads and little ears.Jerry is easy going and very friendly to be around. He is keeper boy by Elysor Ultra Flash and our Rising Sun Deeva. Jerry is the same breeding is our Looker and Pretty Woman.

Rising Sun Grey PouPon

Our Pon is a lovely Charcoal Silver kitten. He has a lovely pattern with a thick plus pelt. This wonderful cat has the most amazing temperament and personality. Pon is by Diamond Dust Cats Big Bang of Rising Sun & Our Rising Sun Shimmer.

  • Born 10-01-2017
  • PRA,PK NN Apb/a C/cb D/d
Rising Sun Kraemer ~ HE IS NEUTERED & READY FOR HIS forever home.

This Outstanding Silver boy is amazing. He has beautiful type and color. He has outstanding facial expression,puffy whisker pads with small ears and lovely head type. Kraemer has lovely color and a flowing pattern. Kraemer is by Sheldon and out of our Blue Angle.

  • Born 08-25-2017
  • PRA,PK NN Apb/a C/cb D/d

Contact us for more information! Rising Sun is a Closed Cattery ~ With no out side breeding