Australian Shepherds at Rising Sun Farm

Rising Sun Farm has earned a reputation around the globe as a breeder of world class Australian Shepherds. Our Aussies are bred to be excellent working dogs including Hangin’ Tree and Slash V. They are a very versatile breed, able to adapt quickly and work a variety of livestock, including cattle, sheep, ducks, geese, and many others.We selectively breed for traits that translate to success in the field, speed, agility, intensity, drive, and instinct.

These traits also lead to success in trials and competitions, where our dogs have made the name “Rising Sun” a reputable name among those in the the Australian Shepherd breeding community. Our dogs come from championship lines and have excellent genetics, structure, and intelligence. Each of our Australian Shepherd puppies receives lots of human interaction and socialization from a young age. We begin training at our facilities and administer all necessary vaccines before sending them off to their new homes. In addition, Rising Sun Farm Aussies are eye CERFED examined and come with a health guarantee.

Rising Sun Australian Shepherds are bred first and foremost for their herding ability, which could make them unsuitable as ordinary household pets. Australian Shepherds are among the most intelligent breeds and require a considerable amount of mental stimulation and rigorous physical activity. Additionally, the desire to herd has been bred into the breed for hundreds of years, and even socialized household pets will exhibit this trait on occasion, nipping at heels while attempting to herd people and objects together. Their intelligence and desire to work could make them a challenge for novice pet owners.

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