Border Collie Sires at Rising Sun Farm

Our Stud dogs here at Rising Sun Farm are Quality bred. Over Thirty years of planned and thought out pedigrees to further our breeding program. They have amazing work ethics to go along with their accomplished pedigrees, top notch structure and stunningly beautiful to look at. Over the years these genetics have produced competitive working partners in all venues.

Rising Sun Buttons

This boy is our Handsome Lilac smooth boy out of our Maaze & Chopper. All of the best lines wrapped up into this boy. Buttons was so unique as a puppy… He captured my heart with his character and unique look early on. At eleven weeks old, Buttons was working three ten point bucks just on the other side of our dog fence. He had no fear. He is built solid like a race horse with a tremendous work ethic. We are really excited to see what he will produce with our lovely ladies.

Rising Sun red barron

Our Handsome Barron is a beautiful red tri son of our Preacher and Rheeta. Barron is one of the most compelling dogs that I have met. His expression and gentle demeanor is Heart warming… Yet he is an amazing athlete with loads of stamina and work ethic. He is prince charming in a red suit.

  • Birthdate: 12/15/2018
  • Color – Red Tri ~ Rough

Preacher is a handsome young dog by our Late Imp.Astra Mars and Imp.Astra Stella. He is a very intensedog with loads of stamina…yet calm away from stock. He is showing nice things with his stock work. Preacher is a full brother to our Bonnie.

  • Birthdate: 01/01/2010
  • Hips OFA Excellent
  • CEA/CH – Normal
  • Slate – Red Factored

This handsome dog is by our late Roller and out of our ##Cap daughter Imported Lydia. He is a very intense dog with loads of stamina…yet calm away from stock. He is showing nice things with his stock work. We are very pleased to have Junior a part of our Rising Sun Family.


Our Buster is a deep red slick coated son of our Rayzor out of Pepper. Buster is very driven with loads of stamina… yet calm away from stock. He is a friendly and kind dog. Buster is full sibling to Rebeka Czoller’s talent Nogusta, Kim Anderson’s Beep… and Liz Weaver’s Sketch.

  • Birthdate: 04/13/2016
  • Hips OFA Good
  • CEA/CH – Carrier
  • Liver Red~ Slick coated
Imported Hummer

This handsome smooth boy is a wonderful Import by Kevin Evan’s wonderful Jimmy. Hummer is high drive with loads of stamina. He also has a calm affectionate personality.

  • Birthdate: 01/09/2016
  • Hips OFA Excellent
  • CEA/CH – Normal
  • Black Tri – Smooth
Rising Sun Henry

This Wonderful handsome smooth boy is By our Imported Astra Buddy and out of our Imported Lydia from Serge Van Der Zweep in the Netherlands. He is a grandson to Michael Gallageher’s ##Cap and Serge’s Eve. Henery is high energy, agile and on the go… yet friendly and affectionate. We are very pleased to have him a part of our family here at Rising Sun.

Mawlch Hugo – “The Boss”

Boss’ sire ‘Fetch’ is from the famous Granting Pleasure lines in Germany. Boss lives in Oregon training agility with his co-owner Lisa Marie Bowers. Look for great things from this amazing young athlete ! Boss has it all …. full on drive, power,charisma and gorgeous balanced structure. He is THE BOSS!

  • Birthdate: 12/16/2010
  • OFA Good
  • DNA-CEA Carrier
  • Black, White & Tan
Imp Astra Buddy

Our Buddy is a handsome slate merle Imp. From Janet Beale in Scotland. This striking young dog has loads of talent on live stock with outstanding structure. Buddy has a wonderful out going personality. His sire is Janet’s talented Chum and out of Astra Cora

  • Birthdate: 09/23/2012
  • OFA – Good
  • DNA/CEA Normal
  • Slate Merle with Tan
Rising Sun Tank

Our Tank is a Strikingly handsome dog out of our Cloud and by our talented Imported Astra Buddy. Tank is an animated high drive dog with loads of Stamina and talent on live stock… He is a friendly and kind dog.

  • Birthdate: 07/28/2018
  • OFA Excellent
  • DNA/CEA Normal
  • Slate
Rising Sun Banner

Our Banner is a striking blue merle by the outstanding Torch and out of our ##Bob daughter Imported Astra Bobbie. Banner is an animated high drive dog with plenty of talent on live stock… yet a calm disposition away from stock.

  • Birthdate: 04/08/2018
  • OFA Excellent
  • DNA/CEA Normal
  • Blue Merle
Rising Sun Chopper

Our Chopper is a unique lilac Handsome smooth son by our late Roller and out of our Pepper. He is a winning combination of our wonderful genetics. He is a keen worker with a sweet disposition. Chopper is a wonderful addition to our family

  • Birthdate: 06/03/2019
  • OFA Too young
  • DNA-CEA/CH Normal
  • Color – Lilac