Rising Sun Farm World Class Bengal Cats for Sale

The International Cat Association
Rising Sun Bengal cats are among the finest in the world. Our Bengals have beautiful, bold markings and striking features. Rising Sun Bengals have rich coat coloration with vibrant hues and crisp rosettes. Our cats are highly sought after around the world for their correct features, powerful appearances, and championship genetics. Rising Sun Bengals have been highly successful in shows both domestically and internationally and our cats have been placed in homes worldwide.

Our kittens and cats have wonderful personalities. They are happy, fun loving pets who love being around people. Slightly mischievous, they are constantly on the move. These cats are definitely for any pet lover who enjoys cats with loads of spunk and energy. While each cat is unique and has its own personality, Bengals are typically confident sometimes aloof, engaging but not overbearing, and curious, but not destructive. They are a powerful, strong animal that loves to play. Bengals bond well with other pets if introduced at a young age and enjoy being part of a family.

Owning a Bengal cat is rewarding and fun. Their exotic appearance, quirky sense of humor, playful nature, and high motor make them unique family pets. Rising Sun offer kittens for sale. Contact us for more information about owning one of our wonderful Bengal kittens or Cats!